Sexual Orientation: I'm very definitley bi, but men will always be my first gender of choice.
Marital Status: Happily married since 1990, with children. My husband, Steve, is my webmaster & cameraman, and we run the site together as a team.

Janet Mason's Foot Tease was one of the very first foot, leg, shoe and hosiery fetish sites from the late-90's boom of of amateur adult web sites. Operated as a true Mom & Pop site (with my husband, Steve, as my photographer), the site bult a large, loyal following from its official launch in April 1998 through its closing in September 2005. Now, due to popular demand and after much delay, I am pleased to announce that I am bringing the site back in April 2012! The relaunch of the site will feature classic photos, video clips, DVD and mobile device downloads from the "old days" all the way up to brand-new content from the present day. See you soon!

Birthday: April 8th.
Height: 5' 3"
Bust-Waist-Hips: 32DD (34D bra size)-23-35
Hair: Red
Eyes: Blue
Shoe Size: 4 1/2


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